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Jackie: A couple, early 50's came to the museum today. When I asked what brought them to the museum today, they replied "Broad & High." Our world stops when this show is on!

- Judith Oppenheimer, Decorative Arts Center of Ohio


I can't even express everything I feel right now after seeing the episode. I feel like you absolutely got to my truth - chose to use the conversation about my struggles with recognizing my talent and pushing myself to create. This has been such a gift - and I have to say it's brilliant how this was edited together. I squealed when you included the Once Upon a Time clip - genius! I am absolutely floored and grateful.

- Nikki Wonder, lead singer of Bloodthirsty Virgins

(Email to Stakeholders)

If you missed the season premier of Broad & High last night, here it is. They did such an amazing job. They were able to show what COSS is all about in a way that is so compelling and is harder to just tell. Their artists profiles were brilliant and (for me) got to the heart of what the campaign is all about. Each artist was different—not just in how they work but in what they feel compelled to express and play with. This is some great storytelling, I hope you have a moment to watch.

- Lacey Luce, Greater Columbus Arts Council


Thank you so much for an incredibly thoughtful and beautiful piece on Broad and High. I feel as if you captured my enthusiasm and quirk while also the energy of the students as well. It was wonderful to see a glimpse of what it is truly like in my art room. Thank you for your work and for the chance to share why visual art is so incredibly important.

- Jonathan Juravich, 2018 National Finalist for Teacher of the Year

The segment was brilliant, Jackie!!

Thank you so very much for immersing yourself in this project from start to finish and for being such an amazing storyteller. You completely embraced and communicated our mission and vision in such a compelling way. Thank you so much for all you do. I’m so appreciative of the care you took with our senior citizens and all of your efforts to validate their public art creation.

- Janet Cooper, Dublin Arts Council

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